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Zach & Brittany’s Photo Booth

I always love it when a couple wants a photo booth at their wedding. And Heather Sullivan, my fabulous assistant who gets to shoot at the photo booth, loves it too. While I was capturing what was happening on the dance floor, Heather was at the photo booth. We switched things up a bit with this photo booth to improve it. We used a white vinyl background, rather than fabric. I was just so tired of trying to get wrinkles out of the background. I’m sure any photographer who has used a fabric background can relate. I purchased a white vinyl (Savage Brand, 8′ wide) from B&H. I wanted the 9′, but it was too tight of a fit in the car. I was definitely pleased by the lack of wrinkles and the classic white worked well with Brittany and Zach’s purple and gold (go Pirates!) color scheme. I painted a couple pieces of wood with chalkboard paint so that their friends could pass on some messages to the bride and groom. I re-purposed an old decorative frame and painted it a goldish yellow to fit into their color scheme. Heather did an awesome photographing at the photo booth…thanks Heather!