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The Bree & Ty Show

So, I know it seems like the Bree & Ty show around here, but I’ve just got to get them up. Once I get these posted I will breath a sigh of relief that I am all caught up…at least with the kids pictures that is.

Last month my sister Jill came up with the kids and her hubby Chris and we had a very productive weekend. Chris and Shannon rebuilt our deck. I am still shocked at how quickly Chris threw that thing together. He has mad deck skills. Meanwhile, Jill and I spent the weekend sorting through pictures from 2011 and took the kids for their annual photo shoot. We have gotten into a routine of doing their annual pictures at the first of the year. This January we were fortunate that it was seasonably warm. Bree is quite the professional model and assistant to boot. She did such a great job helping us with Ty. She definitely got paid, not only in $$ but in Dunkin Donuts.