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Jasmine & Kenny :: Engagement Session, Part One

First of all, a big congratulations to Jasmine and Kenny on their upcoming marriage! I am fortunate enough to be photographing their wedding in April of next year. What a beautiful couple! Jasmine looked like she stepped right out of a magazine!

For those of you living in North Carolina, you have probably noticed the abundance of these pop-up afternoon storms. Jasmine, Kenny, my wonderful assistant Heather and I fell victim to one of these storms. We had so many plans for their session and I had so many ideas floating around in my head, but unfortunately the rain washed those out. It was important to give it a shot because Jasmine & Kenny live in Maryland, so it’s not so easy to schedule a re-shoot in a few days. We started out at Tryon Palace in New Bern with clouds overhead that were all gloom and doom. The weather is just something that you just can’t control, but we really made the best of it and got some great shots! We found a shady spot that served two purposes, one to cool Jasmine & Kenny off (I think it was at least 95 out) and then to also protect us a bit if it started raining.We got to our cars just in time for a torrential downpour. Thanks goodness!

I was great that one of the images that Jamsine wanted was in their favorite sports bar in New Bern called Half-Time Pub & Grub. A big thanks to the owner and manager for allowing us to photograph during business hours. One of my goals in a location like that (other than to get great shots) is to be aware that there are others there. I didn’t want to distract or annoy the other patrons there. So minimal lighting equipment was key. I wasn’t going to go in their with a huge softbox or umbrella and risk hitting someone at the next table. We used a small Wescott softbox as well as using the flash with no modifier. Using a direct and narrow light source allowed the image to focus on the couple and drop out some of the background, creating for a nice mood. I didn’t want to use bounce flash that would just fill up the room with light. I wanted it to feel like it was just them, while keeping the mood of the location.

We are going to meet again in October to finish the session that the rain so rudely interrupted! So, I will be looking forward to Jasmine & Kenny, Part Two!