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Jacques Louis :: Frenchie Art

This past semester I wanted to have a project to work on so that I could work along with my design students while they were working on their projects. (I always wished I could have watched my art teachers make their art, so I try to keep that in mind now that I am an art teacher). So, I decided to make a silhouette of Jacques (our French Bulldog) because his funny ears are unique and would make for an interesting outline. So I created a silhouette from a photograph I had taken and then painted his silhouette on to a canvas via a projector. I used clippings from old books along with layers and layers of paint. I decided rather than leaving the silhouette just plain black I would use many many rolled up pieces of paper (very close to what is known as “quilling”). Some would hate the tedious nature of this process. But, I am a process person, so I love it! I took me quite a while and I was actually sad when I was done with it.  But, thankfully, I was commissioned by my friend Elizabeth to make a portrait in silhouette fashion of her dog Dowdy. Read on below for more about his project…By the way, the Jacques art pictures were taken with my new Fujifilm X100 camera…loving it!

Dowdy is a West Highland Terrier and both Elizabeth and her husband adore this dog. Elizabeth wanted my to make this piece for her husband as a Christmas gift. The finished image was transferred onto wood. The image shown is the image made in Photoshop prior to transferring it to wood: