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It’s Been a While

I didn’t realize how long it had been since I had posted pictures of my niece and nephew. I got a bit behind editing their pictures this past year. It seems I am more apt to put off personal projects over professional ones, which is an ongoing struggle with many artists who hold professional jobs but have to find the time to make their own art. I really thought when I graduate from grad school that my life would be much simpler. I mean, all I have to do is go to work right? That would leave plenty of time to make my own art and complete personal project. Silly me. I soon found out that teaching is much harder than being a student. There was also self-motivation to deal with. Okay, got off on a tangent…back to the kiddos.

This shoot was from January of 2010. That’s right, I am that behind on posting their pictures. It must have been in the 30s when we did this shoot. Before you go judging, we had Uncle Shannon sitting in the car with the heat running. We took one kid out at a time and only stated for a few minutes at a time. They were troopers and I think it was the fastest shoot we have ever done.