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Image Transfers :: Steeples

The image transfer process can take an image and completely transform it. I have been experimenting with laser and inkjet transfers for some time now and have really enjoyed learning the process. It’s quite simple and pretty low tech. You print an image (in reverse) on regular copy paper. Brush it with an even coat of acrylic matte medium and press it onto another paper (something absorbent and substantial). Then, I let it dry under the pressure of a stack of books, then use small amounts of water to slowly peel the paper backing away from the receiving paper. Black and white laser prints have been my favorite and easiest to transfer. I sometimes scan them back in and join them with the original image.

Here are some examples:

(Laser Jet Transfer)

(original image from above transfer)

(original image for below transfer and composite)

(inkjet transfer)

(Composite of above transfer and edited image from above)

(Composite of an image transfer and original image…only a small amount of the original image was brought back in.)