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Jessica & Bryan :: Washington, NC Wedding

A big congratulations to the new Mr. and Mrs.! Jessi is a fellow photographer and friend, so it was such a special treat to be asked to photograph her wedding. It is a bit more pressure to photograph a photographer’s wedding, but also reassuring because you know that they understand exactly what it takes to make great images from a wedding day. Jessi and I both attended East Carolina University to study photography, so we definitely share similar thoughts about crafting images.

This wedding was such a pleasure to photograph. The families of the bride and groom were so friendly, the environment was warm, the details stunning and of course the couple was quite beautiful. I absolutely loved that Jessi had her three sisters as her bridesmaids. It really added a lot of emotion to the images as well as just overall fun to see them together. Jessi and Bryan had their ceremony in the front yard of their parent’s home. It was such a beautiful place with so much character. The reception was held at The Bank Bistro and Bar in downtown Washington, North Carolina. The downtown area of Washington also afforded a lot of charm for pictures of the bride and groom.

Okay, I got really carried away choosing images to share, so don’t judge! Well, you can judge if you want, but I just couldn’t help myself….here are the favs:

Nantahala National Forest


Over Memorial Day weekend my husband and I took a quick trip to Western North Carolina to do some camping and visit the Bascom for a landscape and nature photography exhibit. The photography exhibit featured renowned photographers like Ansel Adams, Brett Weston, Sally Mann, Robert Parkeharrison (one of my absolute all time favs) and so many others. It was a wonderful exhibit and the Bascom is nestled in the quaint city of Highlands, NC. After the viewing the exhibit we went into downtown Highlands to enjoy some local fare. We ate at Mountain Fresh for lunch, which was yummy and even though we were super full, we had to have some ice cream after all the camping food, so we checked out Sweetreats.

We camped for two nights at the Standing Indian Campground in the Nanthala National Forest. Other than seeing the exhibit one of my goals was to start my experiences with Night Photography and Long Exposures. At Francis Marion I will be able to do summer research (granted I receive the stipend) so this summer I am researching Night Photography. I just finished a book on the topic by Lance Keimig called “Night Photography: Finding Your Way in the Dark.” I have never really considered myself to be a traditional landscape photographer, but have always admired them. Mostly, I admire their ability to capture a beautiful image in camera with little post-processing. That seems to be what traditional landscape photographers are all about…waiting for the right light, a beautiful exposure and a full and deep composition. I have noticed that in many landscape photographs that I admire there is something that grabs the viewers eye in the foreground, middle ground and background and it is that visual dance between the three that makes a compelling composition. I thought wedding photography is difficult, but landscape photography can prove just as difficult. One may not think it, but it is so challenging not to make a completely boring image of a natural space.

In July I will be attending a workshop at Bodie Ghost Town (in California) taught by Lance Keimig and Scott Martin. I am super excited about it. I have learned so much already from Keimig’s book and can’t wait to see what I will learn at the workshop. Much of what I do naturally and love is the process, often post-processing. I pull myself in so many different directions with processes that I felt this summer I needed to devote time to what happens in the exposure process.

So, I started my night photography journey with something basic and without a lot of accessories. So, I didn’t use a neutral density or a remote. I waited until the sun dropped a bit before I started shooting. Here are a few of my results.

Shannon (my husband) helped me with this one. We were in deep shade and so was the large rock. He used his head lamp and light the rock for the duration of the exposure making it come forward and in contrast to the background.This one wasn’t a long exposure, but was the result of combining several exposure to get sky detail and detail on some of the tree trunks.

Makenzie :: Senior Portraits

I am sure Makenzie is tired of hearing this, but I cannot believe it is already time for her to be a high school graduate. I have known Makenzie since she was a little girl because she is kinda like extended family. Let me see if I can say this without losing you: she is my brother-in-law’s sister’s child. I’m sure there is an easier way of saying that. Makenzie was just a little girl when my sister married her Uncle Chris. I was super excited when they asked me to do her Senior portraits because I knew it would be a lot of fun, and of course, it was. She did a great job during her session and who knows, maybe one day I can photograph her wedding. But, I’m sure her Mom would say that is quite some time away. Makenzie has big plans. She will be attending Meredith College in Raleigh this Fall. So, it was hard to narrow down, and I’m sure I could have narrowed it down some more, but it was just too hard, so here are my favs:

Jasmine and Kenny :: New Bern, NC Wedding

You may remember last summer I had the opportunity to do an engagement session for Jasmine and Kenny. I was also fortunate to photograph their wedding day as well. Both events were in New Bern at the Tryon Palace. The couple made their vows at St. Paul’s Catholic Church and had a beautiful reception to follow at the NC History Museum. Jasmine was absolutely stunning! The bride and her bridesmaids got ready in the Aerie Bed and Breakfast, which was a wonderful place to photograph all her beautiful details. These were some of my favorites from the day….and of course, there are two shoe shots because I just love to do shoe shots…And just in case you didn’t know, New Bern, North Carolina is the birth place of Pepsi-Cola…something I should know seeing as how my Grandfather and Father worked for Pepsi-Cola Bottling Company in Toledo, OH for quite some time. Be sure to take note of the old Pepsi bottles. Each guest received an old Pepsi bottle…so cool!

Art Fields :: Lake City, SC

I am pleased to be a part of this year’s Art Fields in Lake City, South Carolina. It is an art exhibit featuring the work of 400 artists. The work will be displayed in various venues in Lake City. My work was accepted and will be exhibited in Main Street Mercantile. The show will offer $100,000 in prizes. Here is a quote from the Art Fields website:

“ArtFields is a first-of-its-kind, Epic Southern Artfest Competition and Celebration to be held in the historic community of Lake City, South Carolina. The 10-day event will feature live music, dancing, delicious Southern foods, and cash prizes totaling $100,000 that will be awarded to winning artists.

Winning entries will be determined by votes from ArtFields attendees and a juried panel. Mark your calendar. ArtFields will take place April 19-28, 2013.”

If you happen to be in Lake City or want to make a special trip, be sure to go in Main Streen Mercantile to look at my piece, “Flynn Cemetery Offerings.” And if you like it, vote for it!


“Flynn Cemetery Offerings”