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What I Did This Summer || Part 3: Night Photography in the Eastern Sierras

Last summer I traveled to the Eastern Sierras for a Night Photography workshop with Lance Keimig and Scott Martin. I had such an great experience, that I really wanted to return this summer. So, I wrote a summer research stipend proposal to FMU to go back and was so happy to receive the stipend again. This year we spend one night at Mono Lake, one night at Bodie Ghost Town and the third in Yosemite. It was an advanced workshop focused more on astrophotography. The first night before our shooting with the group began I went to Dechambeau ranch near Lee Vining, CA. To my delight, the Milky Way was a clear as day. This may sound trivial to some of you, but I was so amazed because it was my first time ever seeing the Milky Way with my own two eyes. It was incredible. I think I could have just stared at it all night, but I had to get to work. I was able to do one high ISO shot with the Milky Way and then I also attempted a star trail. The star trail shot is 4-8min exposures stacked together using Photoshop. Once again, I am thankful for all that I learned from these guys and I was astounded at the their knowledge on the subject as well as their knowledge on post-process. Here are a few from the trip. I still need lots of practice, so I was so grateful for what I learned!!! If you are interested in a Night Photography workshop I highly recommend checking out the workshops taught by Lance Keimig and Scott Martin. Click HERE for more info!

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