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New York, Part 1

After Neil’s lighting workshop, my sister, Jill, came up to New York and we took a few days to visit the big city. It was quite overwhelming. What to do in just a few days? There was so much. So, we decided to act like tourists and hit the highlights…a Broadway show, a harbor cruise, the Met, MOMA (MOMO according to Jill), and the Museum of Natural History. And…a little shopping of course. I was like a kid in a candy shop in the museums. I was overwhelmed by the Picasso’s, Van Gogh’s, Monet’s, Warhol’s, all these art pieces that I have been teaching about and learning about for years. Jill loved Broadway the most. We saw, “End of the Rainbow”, a story about the end of Judy Garland’s life. I think Jill would have gone to a show every night. It was great!I would have to say my favorite area that we visited was the Meat Packing District and the High Line. It felt a little quieter, which is more my speed. I think we both really enjoyed the 911 Memorial. It made it so real and made you think about what those people in the buildings must have been thinking.
Not only was I overwhelmed by all the sites, I was quite confused about where to even begin taking pictures. I wasn’t really into taking pictures of the main sites. It was kinda like…there are a million pictures out there of this same thing that I am photographing. But,  I did take a few pictures of tourist stuff for Jill. I took my Fuji X100 camera along so we could travel light. I love that camera. I also took my lomo diana because I decided to do a more abstract representation of New York. So, I loaded the Lomo and did a lot of double and triple exposures. I am still working on those. A sneak peak is coming soon. But, for now, here are some of my touristy pics with a few of the abstract ones mixed in. They don’t feel very cohesive, but they will be images that help my sister and I remember our trip! That last image is an Instagram of St. Patrick’s Cathedral…of course I had to do at least one steeple image!