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Makenzie :: Senior Portraits

I am sure Makenzie is tired of hearing this, but I cannot believe it is already time for her to be a high school graduate. I have known Makenzie since she was a little girl because she is kinda like extended family. Let me see if I can say this without losing you: she is my brother-in-law’s sister’s child. I’m sure there is an easier way of saying that. Makenzie was just a little girl when my sister married her Uncle Chris. I was super excited when they asked me to do her Senior portraits because I knew it would be a lot of fun, and of course, it was. She did a great job during her session and who knows, maybe one day I can photograph her wedding. But, I’m sure her Mom would say that is quite some time away. Makenzie has big plans. She will be attending Meredith College in Raleigh this Fall. So, it was hard to narrow down, and I’m sure I could have narrowed it down some more, but it was just too hard, so here are my favs: