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Jodie :: Bridal Portraits

This is Jodie, who is just one of the sweetest brides ever! I just photographed her wedding on Saturday and after observing her for the day, I realized just how special she is. I watched her throughout her wedding day handing out gifts to pretty much everyone who came in the door and just thought how nice it was that she was thinking of everyone else on her big day. We did her portrait session just a few days before the wedding and despite the rain and the crazy heat, we had a great session. I was in love with her dress, especially the design of the back of the dress….so elegant! You can tell I loved the back of the dress because I posed her quite a bit to accentuate that specific feature. Jodie was also a dancer for a long time, so I felt like the poses from the back really emphasized that fact. I know you Eastern North Carolina photographers will recognize this location, but for any others we photographed at Tryon Palace, which is also where their wedding was held.

Here are my favs!