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It’s Been a While….


Okay, it’s been longer than a while. I really don’t want to admit how long it has been since I made a blog post or even posted on social media. I guess it’s pretty obvious how long it has been since you can just look at the date on my last post. But, please, don’t look, it’s embarrassing. I certainly never claim social media and online presence to be anywhere close to an area of “expertise”, but I do realize its value. So, it’s been a while. Why? Many reasons, but I guess my best excuse is I had a baby! Like, a year and a half ago. So, I guess I can’t really use that as an excuse since it was so long ago. But, I can say, it didn’t take me long to realize that I would much rather spend time with her than writing a blog post or posting of Facebook. But, rather than ramble on about that, perhaps I will “try” posting more often. Beyond having a baby and juggling motherhood and work I think I spend a lot of time thinking about what I can possibly post that would interest or inform and help anyone. So, perhaps I will make it a goal to post things that may offer up information that may be of help to someone out there. And, I will also “try” to post some work I have been doing during my absence from “the interwebs.” I promise, I really have been making art and shooting, although now it is easy to feel as though it doesn’t truly happen unless it is on Facebook. Anyway…(I have to at least use the word “anyway” once during a post)…before I get on a rant. Perhaps more pictures…coming soon….