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Image Transfer to Wood

Since graduate school (we won’t discuss how long ago that was) I have been experimenting with various image transfer processes. I have used techniques to transfer images to clay, paper, canvas, plaster, fabric, marble and wood. This past year I have started using some of the methods discussed in Bonny Lhotka books, Digital Alchemy and The Last Layer. Both books have instructions for how to transfer images to various media as well as how to incorporate other media into photographic images. My most recent experiments have been transferring images to wood. I thought how nice it would be to make portraits transferred to wood for my portrait and wedding clients, especially brides. So, the past few months I have been making many of these image transfers. The images are quite warm and filled with texture. I even print the sides of the wood panels, which makes it feel much more complete. I have included a video tutorial on how I make these image transfers. If you are interested in doing this process yourself I highly recommend purchasing Bonny’s books as well as trying out some of her products. Here is a link to her site: I am working on a video tutorial for the process, so hopefully that will be coming soon!