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Custom Designed Album Overview

One of the products I offer to my clients is a custom designed wedding album. Clients get to choose from a wide variety of album cover materials and can choose to pair different materials together for a stunning presentation. They also have the option to choose an image to adorn the cover. I give my clients 3 options for choosing the images that go in the album. The first choice is to allow me to choose the images. By the time brides get to choose their album images they have just gotten through making a barrage of choices leading up to their wedding day. I let them know that I am more than happy to put together a wonderful selection of the best images from their wedding day. Their second choice is to their top 10-20 images. They may not want to choose all the images, but they at least have a short list that they know they want to see in their album. Their third option is to choose 50-75 images. The number often depends on the size of the album and how many pages are in their album.

My custom wedding albums are clean and classic. I want these albums to stay in style for years to come. I try to stay with clean layouts using simple collages that I have designed myself.

This album cover material was a popular choice in 2011. This album designs happens to be one of my favorite designs from this past year. Aly and Alex had a beautiful wedding with so many wonderful details to capture that were sure to grace their album. If you want to see more images of products available check out the Products page!