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Image Transfers

One of the fun things I have done this month is experiment with image transfers techniques. I started of playing with laser and inkjet transfers…super fun. I made this image of Bree using a Lomo Diana, then digitized it so I could print it out using a laser jet printer. Here is the result:


As many of you know, Polaroid stopped producing some of their beloved instant films. This was a huge disappointment for me because I am a Polaroid Transfer and Polaroid Emulsion Lift lover. I recently read an article online saying it was coming back. I have heard rumors it will be coming back this year…which would be sweet! In the mean time, Fuji took advantage of this and marketed their FP-100c film as a replacement. I decided while I was awaiting the returning of my beloved 669 film I would do some experimenting with the Fuji film. The results were less than satisfying. I read this article which really helped to get something close to a working method. I had to transfer the image in complete darkness for it to work and got quick an exercise with the brayer to transfer the image to the paper base. I also had to use dry paper, which resulted in some blank splotches. The edges that you see with Polaroid film just aren’t the same either. Part of the beauty of the Polaroid film is the unique edges.

I then tried an emulsion lift and wasn’t very happy with that either. The positive side to those is that the image is easy to get off the backing, but very to get it to stay uncurled on the paper base you transfer it to. I had to use some acrylic matte medium to work as an adhesive. So, I thought I would share my first, “visible” result from the fuji film:

I’m One of Those

Okay, I admit it, I am one of those aunts who think their niece and nephew are the cutest things. Ty turned 1 on December 27th and with all the Christmas stuff and his birthday party going on it was hard to squeeze in his first birthday shoot. So, Jill brought Bree and Ty up for the weekend so we could have some picture time. I have more to share from our time, but I thought I would show these for now…I had to take some pictures of Bree too…it was her first time in braids:

Brian + Jessica

Brian and Jessica were married on December 19th, 2009. It was definitely a cold one. I am proud of everyone, including my wonderful assistant Heather for sticking through the cold. There were a few times that I think I lost the feeling in my fingers because of the cold. But, I didn’t let that bother me…I took pictures anyway! I really enjoyed getting to know Brian and Jessica over the past year and I wish them happiness in their new marriage. So, here are some pics from the cold and blustery day (I’m really surprised I didn’t fall somehow that day…there was ice and there was water!) Thanks Brian and Jessica for asking me to share in their special day!

Christmas Time

I know it has been a few weeks since Christmas, but I thought I would share these pictures. I haven’t even had time to go through the pictures of Christmas day yet. It was sooooo nice to be off for a little while. I really really needed it. We had lots of fun with Bree and Ty (the niece and nephew) and they both kept Jacques quite busy. We actually made these pictures around Thanksgiving. We had a little Christmas card shoot. Poor little Ty was teething so he was kinda having a bad day. Bree sure was ready to be in front of the camera, which very much reminds me of her mother.