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Allison || Bridal Portraits || Beaufort, SC

I admit, I am very late in posting these. Yet, I want to share them anyway. Allison is one of my former photography students at Francis Marion so this was such a pleasure and so much fun for me! Allison was the type of student that made you want to come to work everyday. She is a hard worker and very passionate about photography, so I miss her dearly. We went to a few places around Beaufort, South Carolina including the Old Sheldon Church Ruins and The Chapel of Ease at St. Helena Island. Both are amazing locations saturated with South Carolina history.  Allison did such a fantastic job as did her entourage! It was very hot outside and the bugs were circling, yet Allison never complained (she isn’t the complaining type). Allison and I share a love of film photography, so I brought a 4×5 Burke & James Large Format Camera along for the shoot. The last photo in this post is a scan from one of the 4×5 negatives I exposed that day.


35mm Slide Film Portraits of Kathleen

In the previous post I mentioned that I made a few portraits of Kathleen on her wedding day using 35mm slide film so that I could try and expose them onto aluminum or glass plates coated with collodion. So, I thought I would share the color versions of those. I used an Epson Expression 10000xl to scan the slides and then did a little post-processing. What a beautiful bride….and even more impressive, she is more beautiful on the inside 🙂

Wet Plate Collodion from 35mm Slide Film

I am still in the midst of experimenting with making wet plate collodion images using 35mm slide film. I made some portraits of Kathleen on her wedding day with 35mm slide film in the hopes that I would be able to use an enlarger to expose them onto aluminum or glass plates. I used an Aristo cold head enlarger with the aperture all the way open. My exposures have been around 90 seconds to 3 minutes. So, here are a few results. I know, I know…those wet plate aficionados looking on….I realize I have some chemical and technique issues to work out.


I haven’t really post a lot of pictures of my daughter on my blog. Most people think since I am a photographer that I must take sooo many pictures of Eliza. But, I really don’t. I think it is actually much harder to take pictures of your own kids, at least it is difficult to do the posey picture types. Most of the time when I have taken pictures of Eliza she just wants to run to me, which makes it very difficult to make anything happen. But, with the help of family members and distractions (like bugs!) we do manage. She was just over 22 months old when these pictures were taken. I can’t believe she is almost 2….what happened?