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Sara + Logan | Darlington, SC Wedding

So, these are a long time coming. But, I wanted to share these with you because these families were so wonderful to photograph. Sara and Logan were married at St. Matthew’s Church in Darlington, South Carolina. The reception followed at a beautiful plantation in home in Darlington, SC (Oaklyn Plantation) that has been in their family since the 1800s. How awesome is that! It was such a beautiful location. I admit, I was stressing out about the weather, which is one of those things I can’t control. However, I prayed quite a bit in the weeks preceding the wedding for Sara and Logan to have a rain free day and praise God, no rain all day! Sara’s family is quite unique. Her family has served as medical missionaries in Rwanda for quite sometime. They have sacrificed so much for so many people, which made photographing this wedding such a joy! Please go check out their blog to read about what they do and experience: TheKingFamilyinRwanda. Oh, and fun fact: Sara’s dress was her mother’s wedding dress. I love that!


Kimberly + Stephen | Wedding, Sumter, SC

I had the pleasure of photographing the wedding of Kimberly and Stephen at the Sumter County Museum in Sumter, South Carolina. Both Kimberly and Stephen work at the Florence County Museum so I have a shared passion of art with them. I knew it would be a beautiful wedding simply because both the bride and groom are very detailed oriented people who put hard work and thought in to everything they do. It has been a joy to get to know these two the last few years…or longer, perhaps. It seems the older I get the faster time flies. So, congratulations to the happy couple and thank you for allowing me to be a part of such a special day!

Chocolate Love | Food Photography

My lighting class just finished up their food photography assignment last week. I couldn’t help but to participate because I was a bit jealous of what they were doing. So, I selected a recipe not only because I wanted to photograph it and had a specific type of lighting I wanted to work with, but because quite honestly, I wanted to eat it. So, I photographed some truffles and ate them too. It was fun, it was messy, it was hard work, it was yummy and I almost had a total wipe out in my kitchen (I almost fell off my table…well…I kinda did, but recovered quite nicely) I found this recipe for Salted Peanut Butter Caramel Chocolate Truffles from Half Baked Harvest and they did not disappoint. I’m not sure what was better, photographing them or eating them. This recipe definitely had a lot of steps, but it had me at caramel plus peanut butter plus chocolate…oh, yes. Totally worth it.

This is a photography blog, so back to photography. For anyone wondering, these were shot with a Canon 5D Mark iii and the Canon 50mm L/1.2 lens. The lighting set up is a mixture between natural and artificial light…can you tell the difference? I started out using natural light from a window in my kitchen. The setup was on my kitchen table pushed right up against the window. I had two clamps holding up two pieces of black foam board with just a peak of light coming between the two boards. I had to have another black board above for some of the shots to absorb more light. After I got through the first part of my recipe (took me longer that I thought to get the images I wanted), I lost my beautiful light coming through the window because it got really overcast and the direction of light changed so much. Being a full time photography professor and full time Mom, I was then challenged by finding the time and natural light I needed to complete the images. So, I decided artificial light was a must. I then used an Alien Bee with a soft box with the same black foam board setup to complete the project.

I certainly learned a lot, as is the usual case, when I derail from fine art to food photography. And thank you to Half-Baked Harvest for sharing your recipe. My students enjoyed the spoils too!

Allison || Bridal Portraits || Beaufort, SC

I admit, I am very late in posting these. Yet, I want to share them anyway. Allison is one of my former photography students at Francis Marion so this was such a pleasure and so much fun for me! Allison was the type of student that made you want to come to work everyday. She is a hard worker and very passionate about photography, so I miss her dearly. We went to a few places around Beaufort, South Carolina including the Old Sheldon Church Ruins and The Chapel of Ease at St. Helena Island. Both are amazing locations saturated with South Carolina history.  Allison did such a fantastic job as did her entourage! It was very hot outside and the bugs were circling, yet Allison never complained (she isn’t the complaining type). Allison and I share a love of film photography, so I brought a 4×5 Burke & James Large Format Camera along for the shoot. The last photo in this post is a scan from one of the 4×5 negatives I exposed that day.


35mm Slide Film Portraits of Kathleen

In the previous post I mentioned that I made a few portraits of Kathleen on her wedding day using 35mm slide film so that I could try and expose them onto aluminum or glass plates coated with collodion. So, I thought I would share the color versions of those. I used an Epson Expression 10000xl to scan the slides and then did a little post-processing. What a beautiful bride….and even more impressive, she is more beautiful on the inside 🙂